Songs From A Now Dissolved Relationship

by Matt Novak

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This was a gift for a girl I used to date. These are corny, corny songs, I'm aware, but my friend Ben really likes these songs and basically possessed me into releasing them. I hope you like them.


released February 17, 2013

Matthew Novak: instruments, singing, recording.

Ben Burroughs: mixing, mastering.




Matt Novak Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Your House Looked Small
when i picked you up the first time
i thought your house looked small
and when i finally went inside
it turned out i was wrong

the first time i asked you, "should i come inside?"
and you said, "the dogs would bark. just wait till next time."

then we drove out to my aunt's house
she had altered my dress pants
then i took you out for pizza
and we colored with some crayons
and i couldn't look away from you
wanted to give you a kiss
driving away from the restaurant
i'm so glad that you exist
Track Name: Hey
am i coming over tonight?
do you think that it'd be alright?
i can bring some rice if you want
i can bring some rice if you want

do you think that we're all alone?
is there anybody at home?
i can sleep over if you want
i can sleep over if you want

is password on? or maybe family feud?
i'll grab some drinks from the basement
and i can cook us more food

are you asleep in the recliner?
check the time and it's only nine or so
we can go get shakes if you want
we can go get shakes if you want
Track Name: Doobly Wah
sometimes i get weird
it's something that happens
things just bother me way more than they should
i'm always scared to lose you
i know i never will
but my brain works in such a way
that i still think that you'll leave

hold tight to me baby
we don't need anyone else
you know you drive me crazy
i just can't share the wealth

went through so much shit
just to get to you
him and i don't talk anymore
but lucky i met you
i never felt comfortable in this
my weakest skin
we'll buy a house we can decorate
then our lives can begin

don't not look at me baby
you're all that i want to say
you drive me the best kinds of crazy
doobly wah dah dah doobly
Track Name: All the Time
you've got a real nice face and
your body is complacent in my arms
i never had to doubt it, just write a song about it
in the mourning

things never seemed so easy
you made it sunny and turned it breezy in the sky
when it was oh so cloudy
and i'm so glad you found me in the twilight

what can i say to you?
i think you're oh so cool
know that you love me all the time